Thank you for your interest in these roles at Cheshire East Council. Following the local elections in May 2019 a new administration was formed between Elected Members from the Labour and Independent Group.  The administration is committed to deliver both inclusive and sustainable growth in the Borough and is equally committed to deliver improved outcomes for all our residents.

The post-holders in these two important roles will support an existing team of senior officers in key areas of services that will support the Council in achieving its ambitions for the people and communities of Cheshire East.

Frank Jordan, Executive Director of Place

The Place Directorate provides key functions which support the Council’s ambitions for protecting and enhancing the Borough’s Environment and Economy. We are responsible for essential frontline services which are important to the residents of the Borough including Economic Development, Highways, Planning, Waste Management, Leisure Services, Libraries, Housing, Environmental Health, Parks and Green Spaces.

I joined the Council in September 2016 and was attracted by the enviable assets that Cheshire East has – the area’s strategic location, a strong and vibrant economy, a rich and varied environment, and attractive and distinctive places to live.

As a Directorate, we have already made significant progress in a number of areas and improved the quality of our core service offer to residents. Key functions, such as our Leisure and Cultural Services, have supported increases in participation with subsequent health benefits, and many of our services, such as Libraries and Waste Management, are among the top performers both in in the North West and across England.

We have successfully attracted external funding and delivered new projects and infrastructure, and we are committed to delivering vibrant town centres and supporting our rural areas.  However, there is still more to do and these roles will support us in striving for improved service to customers and realising the ambitions of our local communities.

In particular to enable an effective recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, we must have an even greater focus on delivering economic growth in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Thank you for your interest in these roles. If you are successful, you will join an ambitious and dedicated team and will help us make Cheshire East the best place to live, work and visit in the North West of England.

Lorraine O’Donnell, Chief Executive

I joined the Council at the end of March 2020 and I have been impressed by many things, including the strong ethos of team working here.  We are working positively with local partners both on the response to and the recovery from the unprecedented implications of Coronavirus on residents, communities and businesses. As challenging as the last few months have been, I am determined that we enable the Borough to be stronger and mores successful as we recover from the pandemic.

Now is a great time to join Cheshire East. We are an aspiring, high performing organisation which seizes opportunities for the benefit of all our residents, businesses and visitors. We are on a journey and understand there will be many challenges along the way. If you are successful at securing one of these roles, you will be given an unparalleled platform, to be part of our vision and help shape our plans.